A refreshingly simple static site generator, for those who like to work in HTML.

Of course, @pydanny ( came up with the name for this.


The full documentation is at


Using Complexity is easy! Try it out:

$ pip install complexity
$ git clone my_project
$ cd my_project
$ complexity

Open a web browser to to see your newly generated Complexity static site.


  • Takes simple HTML templates as input.
  • Template inheritance, filters, etc. (Brought to you by Jinja2.)
  • Data from .json files turns into template context data.

Best Used With

Complexity is designed to be used with these packages:

  • Simplicity: Converts ReStructuredText into JSON, which Complexity can use as input.
  • A Lot of Effort: Deploys a static website (e.g. the output of Complexity) to Amazon S3.
  • Cookiecutter: Creates projects from project templates.

Sure, they could have all been built into Complexity, but decoupling them seemed like a nice thing to do.


  • Jinja2

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